• Sport Climbing

Rock climbing in
Alta Val Torre

In the vicinity of our Lodge you will find two equipped cliffs for sport climbing of varying difficulty levels.

TheCyclamen cliff is well-known in the Friuli region for being particularly suitable forteaching purposes, la The Detulès Furlànes cliff,on the other hand, is more recent and offers routes mainly in the5th gradedifficulty range.

In the dedicated pages, we describe both climbing routes through summary tables, a detailed route sketch, and a general topographic map.

However, remember that after a day spent climbing… we’ll take care of getting you back to the real world!

Beer is always plentiful here, and you’ll find sandwiches, frico (a traditional dish), and homemade desserts even outside of kitchen hours.

“Don’t seek in the mountains a structure to climb, seek their soul.”
Julius Kugy

Frico con polenta