Cyclamen Cliff

The closest cliff to our Refuge Pian dei Ciclamini is divided into two distinct sectors. The first sector, called SETTORE SASSI, offers mostly short and easy routes, perfect for beginners and children to approach climbing.

The SETTORE BASSO provides longer and more challenging single-pitch routes, mainly in the 6th grade range.

“What matters is not so much the spectacular climbs, but the human adventure.”

Walter Bonatti

From Tarcento, you can ascend the Alta Val Torre up to the Refuge Pian dei Ciclamini Continue for about a hundred meters and before the bridge, turn left onto a dirt road and park your vehicle

The SETTORE SASSI can be reached in 5 minutes along the small path near the riverbed. To reach the SETTORE ALTO, continue following the trail for 10 minutes.


Spring- Summer

850 meters approximately

Excellent rough limestone

Settore Sassi 6/8m, Settore Alto up to 30m

SETTORE SASSI – a didactic cliff with short and easy routes

SETTORE ALTO – offers beautiful continuous and vertical routes

Excellent with resin-coated holds

The cliff is located in a very peaceful place, ideal during summer

Falesia pian dei ciclamini

Settore Sassi

Falesia pian dei ciclamini - settore sassi 3
Falesia pian dei ciclamini - settore sassi 1
Falesia pian dei ciclamini - settore sassi 2
Tabella settore sassi - Falesia ai ciclamini

Settore Alto

Falesia pian dei ciclamini - settore alto
Tabella settore Alto - Falesia ai ciclamini