Škarifič Cliff

Brand new cliff opened on April 14, 2024 located a few kilometers from the Pian dei Ciclamini Lodge in the locality of Tanatcason. The cliff is about ten minutes from theLa AleGra farmhouse, a lovely place to find refreshment after a day of climbing! The name Škarifič refers to a “local” spirit of the woods and is dedicated to the memory of Roberto Blanchini, a young climber who died too soon whose parents financed the purchase of the bolting materials. The cliff is divided into 3 distinct sectors from 5th to 7th grade.

“The highest mountain is the one inside us.”

Walter Bonatti

From Tarcento drive up the Alta val Torre to the La AleGra farmhouse, marked by a small house on the side of the road. After parking in about 5min drive you reach the magnificent farmhouse, after another 10min walk you find yourself at the foot of the cliff.

In five minutes, leaving the car, you pass the La AleGra Farmhouse, and continuing, in another ten minutes, you arrive at the foot of the cliff, very evident from the farmhouse, on the left of the path for those looking upstream.
You cross a stream, reach a wide clearing, climb two more minutes, and on the left you will notice the short path leading to the base of the cliff, in the main sector.
Continuing for another minute, past the fork, is another sector, whose routes start directly from the path to the Brollo.


Spring- Summer

750m approx.

Excellent rough limestone

Up to 30m

The routes are oriented between the 5th and 7th grades

New plasir nailing

The cliff is located in a very quiet place, ideal in spring and summer

Central Sector

Low Sector