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Evening Excursions

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Nicholas and Michael, Julian Prealps Nature Park guides, offer a calendar of evening guided tours under the starry skies of the Upper Torre Valley.

Astrotrekking: technically simple walk with Michele related to the discovery of astronomy. Using the appropriate equipment (handheld telescope, suitable binoculars, laser pointers etc.) you will observe the night sky while learning, through explanations of popular slant many interesting facts about the various celestial bodies and the mythology related to them

Voices in the Woods: easy/medium difficulty hike with Nicola dedicated to discovering nocturnal animals. Along the way, topics related to the biology and ethology of local wildlife and ethics on how to observe/hear them will be addressed. Instruments such as acoustic calls will be used to stimulate (according to protocols that prevent disturbance) the vocal response of the various species.


Fri 24/05 Astrotrekking

Fri 7/06 Astrotrkking

Fri 28/06 Voices in the Woods

Sat 6/07 Astrotrekking

Fri 12/07 Voices in the Woods

Fri 19/07 Astrotrekking

Sat 3/08 Astrotrekking

Sun 18/06 Astrotrekking

Fri 30/08 Voices in the Woods



Sat 4/04 On the trail of woodland women

Sun 9/06 On the tracks of the Bear, stories of bears on the slopes of the Musi Mountains –
Julian Prealps Nature Park

Sat 22/06 Hike on Mount Zaiavor with Michele – Wild Routes
+39 3515852752

Sun 21/07 Hike on Mount Cuel di Lanis with Nicola – Wild Routes
+39 3515852752

Sun 28/07 Hike on Mount Chisalizza with Michele – Wild Routes
+39 3515852752

Sat 24/08 Hike on Granmonte with Nicola – Wild Routes
+39 3515852752

Fri 9/08 The Mea valley and the springs of the Torre – Julian Pre-Alps National Park

Sun 1/09 Hike on Mt. Guarda with Nicholas – Wild Routes
+39 3515852752

Sat 21/09Discovering the source of the Torre Stream to the Tanamea Pass – Julian Prealps Nature Park

Forest Bathing

Numerous appointments to discover the healing power of Nature. You will breathe deeply, listen to the sounds of the forest and relax in a moment of total immersion in your surroundings. A unique experience to reduce stress and reconnect with ourselves and the world we live in.


Sat 18/05 Radicamento – Lisa Zancanaro – 327 8427806

Sat 01/06 Creating Connections – Lisa Zancarato -.
327 8427806

Sun 9/06 Pian dei Ciclamini – Tanat Cason – Julian Prealps Nature Park

Sat 15/06 Forest Bathing of Light – Lisa Zancarato -.
327 8427806

Sat 22/06 Solstice Circle in the Woods –
327 8427806

Mon 1/07 Forest Bathing with Tiziana – Insidefvg.com.

Sat 13 and Sun 14/07 Retreat Yoga + Forest Bathing – Giada Severi 342 1907785

Mon 5/08 Forest Bathing with Tiziana – Insidefvg.com.



14/04 Inauguration of Skarific Crag in loc. Tanatcason

16/04 Approach to climbing at Pian dei Ciclamini – Julian Prealps Nature Park

19/04 Sport climbing Detules Furlanes – Julian Prealps Nature Park

Sat 4 and Sun 5/05 Basic Climbing + Yoga Course with Marco Milanese – 0432 1955907

Fri 7, Sat 8, Sun 9/06 Advanced Climbing Course + Yoga with Federico dal Mas – 0432 1966907


Fri 16/08: Nature Treasure Hunt – Nicholas of Wild Routes – 346 0954913

All Family events curated by the Julian Pre-Alps Nature Park are available at this link:

Check out our event A Shelter of Books – Stories and Drawings with Alessandro Montagnana, click here



Exciting Bike Tour on the first stages of the scenic Torre stream, from its source to the ascent to Musi, then continuing to the point where it joins the Rio Bianco at Tanamea Pass. Through this adventure, you will have the opportunity to explore up close the wild territories that contributed to the formation of the Friulian plain, immersing yourself in the history and nature of this fascinating region.

Sun 23/06 In the heart of the Julian Prealps: discovering the source of the Torrent Torre to the Tanamea Pass – Julian Prealps Natural Park