• La AleGra Farm

    A parallel world between nature and animals

La AleGra

A 1.8km woodland walk connects Pian dei Ciclamini Lodge to the beautiful reality of Graziela and Alessandro. At La AleGra farm, you will find two hospitable and welcoming restaurateurs who will provide you with a completely immersive experience in nature. Here, you can visit Alessandro’s beehives and discover the magical world of bees, amidst donkeys, rabbits, chickens, cats, and dogs. You can also stay overnight in the cottages with glass roofs for a stargazing experience.

  • Visit the Villanova Caves

    An experience in the depths of the earth

Villanova Caves

About 16km from Pian dei Ciclamini Lodge, at a depth of 300m, lies the Grotte Nuova, a karst cave system that extends for over 9km. This active cave dates back approximately 2 million years. It is the largest “contact cave” in Europe and the only one of its kind equipped with a tourist path.

The best Speleological Guides will provide you with an extremely captivating experience as you explore the depths of the Earth’s fault line. There are various paths for tours and events that take place among stalactites and stalagmites, such as meditations and concerts.

  • Discover Zore Farm

    On the trails of the goats

Zore Farm

About 28km from Pian dei Ciclamini Lodge, Alessia and her goats uphold the quality and value of mountain products from the Valli del Torre.

A place that symbolizes our valleys, Alessia has built it step by step, with the idea of living a reality based on the rhythms of nature in the company of these charming animals.

There are several experiences you can have: you can walk along the goat trails to discover their habits, have unique experiences of apitherapy, and book exquisite tastings of typical cheeses for a local gastronomic experience.

  • Rafting in Bovec

    Adventures among the waters of the Isonzo

Rafting in Bovec

Less than 20km from our Pian dei Ciclamini Lodge, in the heart of the Julian Alps in Slovenia, we offer you an experience across the border in Bovec, one of the most popular rafting destinations in Europe.

The Soča River, famous for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery, offers an unparalleled rafting experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of options to meet your needs and have a blast!

Rafting in Bovec is not just about fun and adventure, but also a refreshing opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the beautiful views offered by the mountains and the river.