• Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Our Lodge is the ideal place for an unforgettable Family Vacation!

The road access makes us easy to reach. Here you will have the wonderful opportunity to spend your vacation surrounded by nature, together with your parents, exploring the forest and respecting the flora and fauna around us.


Our main dining area is cheerful and colorful, thanks to the illustrations and placemats by our friend, an illustrator and author Alessandro Montagnana who has set up his exhibition right here; the menu always takes into account your needs and those of your parents; we have prepared a small library for you and one for your parents, allowing you to play in maximum serenity as much as possible. And there is certainly no shortage of games! For the little ones, a convenient space with a changing table has been arranged next to the facilities.

Outdoor Area

In our area, there are numerous trails suitable for your parents as well, the first being the “Path for All” an accessible path of about 600m that winds around our refuge. Here you will find a small playground area, and you will have the opportunity to be accompanied in the discovery of our vegetable garden.


We have reserved some special rooms for you. The little ones will find a comfortable crib with a blanket and a toilet seat reducer. We will gladly warm up milk or baby food for the little ones who are hungry. For a perfect evening at the refuge, we have many board games designed for you, suitable for all ages. Moreover, you can tell your parents that our rates are divided into three tiers, ensuring an unforgettable family vacation.

Events and Experiences

In addition to all this, activities are certainly not lacking! For the 2023 season, we have organized a rich calendar of events:

June 9-10: “A Refuge of Books” – stories and illustrations with Alessandro Montagnana

June 24: “More Flavor in the Lodge” – cooking workshop with Grandma’s Gubana

8-9 July: “In the Forest of Wild Families” – a day for parents and children with books, yoga, games, and creativity, featuring Irene Greco, creator of Leggimi Prima.

In the surroundings of our refuge, you will find a list of incredible experiences to enjoy with your parents: you can become little spelunkers for a day, meet Zore’s goats, and have a blast rafting in Bovec!