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One-day or multi-day excursions in
High Val Torre

In the High Val Torre, there are beautiful and relatively unknown hikes around us suitable for both families with children and experienced hikers. They will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of flora and fauna and the breathtaking landscapes that these mountains offer.

Please remember to tackle mountain trails WELL EQUIPPED, with appropriate shoes and a carefully prepared backpack. It is essential not to underestimate the mountains and to bring with you water, a rain jacket, a change of clothes, snacks, a small first aid kit, a topographic map, orientation apps, a hat, and sunglasses. It is also very important not to stray from the marked trails, and we encourage you to follow the advice of the locals. If they discourage you from taking certain trails, there is always a good reason for it!

Tabacco Map 026 and 027

Easy Hikes
suitable for children

Starting point: From Tarcento, you ascend the High Val Torre towards Slovenia. After passing through the tunnel and crossing the bridge over the Torre River, and about 100 meters before the intersection with Musi, near the restaurant “Le Sorgenti,” you will find a large parking area on the left side.

Travel time: 4.30 hours

Difficulty: T (Tourist)

Elevation gain: 500 meters

Short description: The hike starts near the sources of the Torre river and unfolds through a succession of ever-changing landscapes, mostly natural with some slight human influence. wooden cottages with glass roofs and a farm with animals. Further along, you’ll encounter the small village of Simaz, from where the Valle dei Musi Nature Trail begins, leading all the way to our Lodge. Lastly, you’ll pass by the quaint “stavoli” (traditional mountain huts) of Sriegnibosch. This marks the beginning of the return journey, and along the way, you will come across unique settlements such as the “stavoli” of Cripizza, the “casere” of Chisalizza (a small cluster of 19th-century mountain huts), and the Tasaliesu crosses. These landmarks add to the charm and cultural richness of the surroundings. All this suggests that there was once a thriving alpine settlement here, bustling with life. The presence of these various structures and landmarks points to a rich history and a community that inhabited this area in the past. It’s fascinating to imagine the vibrant life that once existed in this alpine landscape. The beautiful nature alternates between black pines and birch trees, adorned with flowers such as the broom, the gentian, and the alpine pasqueflower. The soothing sounds of the Mea stream accompany you along the way, creating a serene atmosphere. It’s a delightful experience to immerse oneself in this picturesque setting and appreciate the diverse flora and the soothing sounds of nature.

Starting point: Pian dei Ciclamini Lodge, on the other side of the road.

Travel time: 3h

Length: 7km circular route

Difficulty: T (Tourist)

Short description: An outdoor route through the woods, suitable for children and dogs, perfect for a mountain bike ride and for spending an afternoon in nature. A route away from the everyday worries to be traversed with the desire to explore the splendid nature of the Julian Prealps Natural Park and to experience a moment of recharge and sharing. Along the trail, there are descriptive panels that accompany you on your walk, benches, and wooden tables where you can have a picnic under the trees.

The Path for All is an accessible trail that winds around our Lodge for approximately 600m. It is equipped with a smooth surface and a guide rope, and its slope is suitable for wheelchair users. Along the trail, there are tactile panels designed for visually impaired individuals that provide information about the history of the Park, as well as the flora and fauna of the area. The Path for All has just been restored specifically to allow everyone, and I mean everyone, to experience nature and the mountains in the simplest way possible.

La Gravoure – Archives of the Julian Prealps Natural Park Authority

Start: loc. Simaz or Pian dei Ciclamini Lodge

Travel time: 2 hours

Difficulty: T (Tourist)

Elevation gain: 200 meters

Short description: An easy and charming path immersed in nature, suitable for children and dogs, at the foot of the Musi mountains. A simple trail that connects the small village of Simaz to our Refuge will allow you to spend peaceful hours exploring the flora and fauna of our territory, in the heart of the Julian Prealps Natural Park.


Start: Uccea, Friuli Venezia Giulia. The trail starts on the left before the cemetery.

Arrival and times: Uccea – Malga Caal 2 hours; Malga Caal – Monte Plagne in 1.30 hours.

CAI trail: 733

Difficulty: EE

Elevation gain: 578 m

Short description: The hike to Malga Caal takes place through a beech forest and is suitable for all hikers. Continuing from the casera towards the summit of the mountain, the path becomes more challenging, but it offers a breathtaking view. Reaching the summit of Monte Plagne, the excitement of seeing Lasca Plagna and Baba Grande with the Cosantini bivouac is indescribable. The hike does not present major difficulties, except for a challenging ascent.

Starting point: Tanamea Pass, Lusevera (UD)

Travel time: 1.30h

CAI trail: 711, 712

Difficulty: EE

Elevation gain: 600m

Short description: The route starts at an altitude of 850m and is a moderately challenging hike recommended for those who are already fit. The trail is well marked and the entire route is well signposted.

Most of the trail takes place in the beech forest, and towards the end, the panorama opens up to the magnificent Musi mountain range and the Gran Monte ridge. Once you reach the ANA Refuge, with just an additional 10 minutes of walking, you can reach Sella Kriz and enjoy the breathtaking view that, on clear days, extends all the way to the sea.

The return is done along the same trail as the outward journey.

Per una descrizione più approfondita si rimanda al sito camminabimbi.com.

Starting point: Bridge over Rio Bianco after Tanamea Pass, Lusevera – Udine

Travel time: 5-6h

Length: 10km

CAI trail: 739 – 727

Difficulty: EE

Elevation gain:1100 meters (reaching the summit of Mount Zaiavor as well).

Short description: A beautiful circular route that follows the trail leading to Casera Nischiuarch, then to Sant’Anna di Carnizza and Bocchetta di Zaiavor, a narrow notch on the ridge connecting Mount Zaiavor to an elevation of 1619 meters. From there, it is possible to reach the summit of Mount Zaiavor at 1815 meters and then descend to complete the loop. The hike to Casera Nischiuarch is suitable for all levels of hikers, whether starting from Passo Tanamea or from the church of S. Anna di Carnizza. The entire loop is suitable for adults and teenagers accustomed to walking.

Mount Zaiavor loop

Starting point: Musi Valley (UD), Agriturismo la AleGra

Travel time: 3h

CAI trail: 737m

Difficulty: EE

Elevation gain: 984 m

Short description: the hike is known for its steep incline and is recommended for experienced and well-trained hikers. The trail starts at an altitude of 691m and continues by ascending a steep slope. A q. At an altitude of 975m, the trail turns left and ascends into the valley of Rio Zalodra, following a very steep grassy channel until it reaches the ridge of Mount Rascie, where the bivouac is located.


The Heavenly Way is an international religious itinerary that extends through Italy, Austria, and Slovenia, culminating at the summit of Monte Lussari.

The Italian section consists of 200 kilometers that can be covered in approximately 10 days.

For a more detailed description, please visit the Heavenly Way page.

The Via Alpina extends along 5 international itineraries, crossing 8 countries, comprising 342 stages and covering over 5000 km of hikes ranging from 0 to 3000 m in altitude.

Traveling the routes of the Via Alpina is a unique way to discover the immense cultural and natural heritage of the Alps, the largest natural area in Europe, which is the birthplace of mountaineering and a sanctuary for unique flora and fauna. The Alps are also a region rich in traditions and have always been characterized by cultural exchanges.

For more information, you can visit the website www.via-alpina.org

Iron Path

At Sella Carnizza 1086 m, you can ascend along the ridge of Monte Musi 1866 m.

Elevation gain: 350 meters uphill, 900 meters downhill.

Difficulty: EE/F

Travel time: 4 h
Route: From the bivouac, follow the trail (marked with trail marker 737) uphill. After a steep and exposed section equipped with ropes, you will reach the ridge of Monte Musi near an altitude of 1866 meters. Continue in the eastern direction along the ridge for a few hundred meters (with several equipped sections), then descend on the northern slope to the saddle of Veliki Rob. You descend to the east through a scree channel, following the trail marker 737. The path gradually becomes wider and more visible as you continue descending, first through open terrain and then through the forest, until you reach Sella Carnizza.

CAI Ferrata 757 from Bivacco Brollo to Cresta del Monte Musi